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The mission of CACD is to be the guiding force directed by the Conservation Districts of Colorado to educate, promote, help obtain funds, and provide information on issues and programs aimed at enhancing and protecting our natural resources.  We work with private farm and ranch landowners and small ranchette owners and other suburban developments to assist in wise and proper management of natural resources.  CACD is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1945 to represent the 76 conservation districts of Colorado--the original conservationists created by Congress in response to the 1930s Dust Bowl.

An extremely successful 66th CACD Annual Meeting

held in Colorado Springs November 15 - 19 2010  

Thanks to all those who helped plan our Annual Meeting this year, as well as all those who attended.  It was a great success - yet again!


Below is the 2010 Annual Meeting Planning Committee - thanks!!


We would like to share with you a photo of the CACD Board taken at the 2010 CACD Annual Meeting; from left to right back row: Harley Ernst, Larry Sweeney, Tom Hartnett, Bob Warner, Lanny Denham Brian Neufeld, Vern Vinson, JD Wright, Brian Starkebaum, Gary Moyer.



2010 Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Poster Contest Winners! The first place winning poster has been entered into the National Association of Conservation Districts poster contest which will be judged in February 2011. To see the list of contest winners please click here!


2010 Supervisor of the Year

Congratulations to Brian Neufeld, Center Conservation District and member of CACD Board of Directors, received the 2010 CACD Supervisor of the Year

(click here to see photo)


The Conservator

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CACD Policy Book

Here is the CACD 2009 Policy Book, which sets forth the organization's policies on conservation issues, property rights, its mission statement, and other areas.


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